A Tribute to Simple Things

A Retrospective Exhibition of the Art of
J Lee Roberts

Professor Emeritus,
Lubbock Christian University

Through March 26

Reception Tuesday evening,
March 23, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Lubbock Christian University Art Galleries
Center for Academic Achievement


Lost and Found
Keys and Spray Paint on Masonite
2010 ©

"I hesitate to make statements about my pieces. I often stand bewildered by them myself. I really think they take a life of their own, so I hope people will just let them speak for themselves. But here goes ..."
J Lee

J Lee
J. Lee Roberts

LCU Professor Emeritus

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A Retrospective Exhibition
March 1-23, 2010
(link to Gallery of Artwork)

WITH THIS EXHIBIT I wish to express my gratitude to God for the talent He give to everyone of us – talents we shouldn’t neglect, but develop for His glory and to share with others.

YOU WILL RECOGNIZE in my work the influences of many artists and cultures, and I want to pay a special tribute to the original artists of our region, the native American Indian.

SINCE MY CHILDHOOD during the Great Depression my own treasures have been simple ordinary objects, containers, boxes, lead soldiers, marbles, pretty rocks, discarded objects such as keys, etc. As an art teacher I have tried to show that the ‘ordinary’ can be a valid art object. Many of my works are in fact a tribute to simple things.


AND A SPECIAL THANKS is due to so many of my own family and a host of friends who have helped and encouraged me. Among many others are Michelle and Albert Kraft, Aaron Price, Larry Rogers, and Steve and Joyce Roberts. I wish to dedicate this exhibit to my beloved wife and partner Margaret Clampitt Roberts

HOW TO PROCEED to produce an objet d'art is often just a series of steps:  once I have in my mind an idea that challenges me, I try several sketches and then go on to work it out. Sometimes the sketches are more interesting to me than the final product, but I most often stand amazed at the outcome. They seem to take on a life of their own. I hope the viewer will have the same experience



J. Lee Roberts
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