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My Favorite Album Covers Of All Time

Dating back to its earliest ties to graffiti culture, the visual component has always played a large part in hip-hop culture. once upon a time, it mattered. LPs were hung on walls, CDs were cracked open, and cassette J-cards were unfolded awkwardly and with as much anticipation as is given to today's Zshare links. From the Daisy Age fluorescence of De La Soul to the digital age fluorescence of Kanye West, I also feel as if Album artwork offers another perspective to the music itself. Here are my personal favourite album covers.

Get Rich Die Trying

50 Cent - Get Rich Die Tryin'


Jay-Z - The Blueprint


Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers


A Tribe Called Quest - The Low end Theory


Ti - Paper Trail

kanye west

Kanye West - Graduation

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